Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Dreaming in English...

At Friday, 20th June, we were at the BBS for a stage play. Four actors of the White Horse Theatre presented it to us. "Dreaming in English" was for the 9th and 10th grade.
The play was about a German girl from a wealthy family, who visited a Language School in Brighton.
There, she met Gavin – a destitute young English boy, who changed her world view forever. Incidentally, she learned much about England – from the crowded underground to the cozy pub, from the British courtesy to the confusing grammar and from the Big Ben to the London Eye.
After the play, the actors answered our questions. They told us, that they all come from different parts from Britain. They live for nine months here in Germany, they just speak a little bit German.
In our opinion, the stage play was really good, it was funny and also interesting. It was easy to understand and the acting looked very professional.
All of us liked the play and were thankfull to were there. :-)

(Chiara, Ina)

Gern gesehen!